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I(I)C(n*rc-1) = Z* r-1 =n*(I/R)½r-1 


 所以它能计算1s-nf 的所有势能,因此它能解释所有化学现象。(中央政府网站搜 


Yonghe Zhang


Yonghe Zhang 回复吴学文(13//03/2011 




Correlation with Psychology

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


According to Sigmund Freud, the mind contains a conscious part and an unconscious part. Freud looked at people as a closed system of psychic energy that is floating between the conscious and the unconscious part of the human spirit.

Another theory is instinct theory. The instinct is an innate biological force, which commands the organism to behave in a particular way. The main advocate of the instinct theory was the psychologist McDougall. He hypothesized that all thinking and behavior is the result of instincts, which are fixed from birth, but which can be adjusted by learning and experience.

Behavioral genetics began in England with Sir Francis Galton. Since Galton a lot of people proved that complex behaviors related to personality, psychopathology and cognition are all influenced to some degree by genetics. They have also found that genetics alone is never enough to explain behavior, because behavior is also influenced by the environment.

These theories strongly follow the ionocovalency theory. According to IC-model, unconscious, instinct as well as id, incentives, ego and genes are of the ionic function and conscious, experience, socialization, superego and environment are of the covalent function. And the energy, of that Freud looked at people as a closed system of psychic energy that is floating between the conscious and the unconscious part of the human spirit, is the IC-potential:

I(unconscious, instinct, id, ego and genes)C(conscious, experience, socialization, superego and environment) = I(Iz)C(n*rc-1)





Did Mao Zedong kill the founding fathers ?


Ionocovalency explains how Thallium kill human being


BP will kill us or make us chronic suicide


Yonghe Zhang