Economic Energy and Inharmonious Environment Determine the Collapse of the Regime

       Universal values are due to Ionocovalency Theory. Things exist in the harmonious potential energy of their kinetic energy and environment:

Potential energy IC = kinetic energy Z * / environment r 

Universal Values IC = People-oriented Z*/ Democratic Constitutionalism  r

Non-universal value IC = Scam human Z * / Totalitarian Environment r



As the hydrogen atom diagram shows, when the electron approaches the atomic nucleus, its ionic

kinetic energy increases and tends to infinity. In order to compensate the total constant energy, the potential energy tends to be negative infinity, so as to achieve a stable and balanced state of localized covalence (PE / KE = -2 range). This harmonious state is ionocovalency, with its naturally existing universal value IC.

          Non-universal value of ionic kinetic energy Z * is deceptive and robbery in nature, and is not harmonious with its totalitarian environment r, it can not achieve the stability of localized covalent existence, and tend to destroy (potential energy tends to negative infinity, or kinetic energy trend is infinity, as shown by the arrow in the upper part of the figure; or both the potential energy and the kinetic energy tends to zero, as shown by the arrow in the lower part of the figure).


Before June 4, 1989, the Communist Party's ability to snatch and apportion the kinetic energy Z *of its own people could not be in harmony with a steady state of localized covalence and tended to be zero. Increasingly, the totalitarian environment r also tended to zero (shown by the arrow in the lower part of the figure), resulting in the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the loss of the "Gang of Four" regime in China:


Marxist value IC = snatch allocation Z * / totalitarian relationship r


          After the June 4th incident, the Communist Party introduced and plagiarized the foreign capitalist economy. The greedy stealing of the monopoly capital kinetic energy tended to be infinite; the infighting within the power and the r led to the financial outflow and the bank's emptiness, tends to be negative infinity, resulting in the collapse of the expansion of the ionocovalent potential IC (shown by the arrow in the upper part of the figure), after all, the loss of power:



Communist Capitalism IC = kleptocracy Z*/ Totalitarian Infighting r