Men and women on the ionocovalency Theory

Yonghe Zhang


We often talk about those things between men and women, but rarely care what are men and women. According to the ionocovalent theory, that the men have more ionic energy and women possess the more covalent environment, and the harmony of the energy with the environment created love, family, and reproduction. In fact, the ancient Chinese have already defined the ionocovalency of men and women, the ancient proverb and pictograph said that "men have one heart, but women have two", meaning that men are "sun" (日), the women are "moon" (月)(see Chinese pictographs).

In a woman's vagina, the sperm of a man with ionic kinetic energy beats millions of opponents, combines with the woman's egg to occupy the womb. A woman's egg and uterus provide a covalent environment, producing an ionocovalent fertilized egg that grows into a baby, and comes to the world with a new n* orbital ionocovalent potential energy.


       The Ionocovalenct Theory: all things exist in the ionocovalency (IC), which is the harmony of ionic kinetic energy I(Z*,Iz ) and covalent environment C(rc-1, n*rc-1):


IC = I(Z*,Iz)C(rc-1,n*rc-1)  = n*( Iz /R)½rc-1



The Ionic energy are the intention, the possessive and the expressive instinct originated from the ionization of the nuclear charge Z *.  The covalent environment is the boundary condition, the nature laws of kinetic-potential energy conversion and conservation, originated from the Bohr radii r.  


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