About Ionocovalency (离子共价论简介)

Everything exists in the Ionocovalency (IC),

the harmony of the ionic kinetic energy with 

the covenlent environment


 IC = Z*/r=Ze2/r = n*(Iz /R)½rc-1

   The Ionic energy are the intention, the possessive and the expressive instinct originated from the ionization of the nuclear charge * .   The covalent environment is boundary condition originated from the nature laws of kinetic-potential energy conversion and conservation, resuling in the Bohr radii.  

  离子性动能是欲望,占有性和表现性本能,源于原子核电荷的电离能 Z*. 共价环境是边界条件,源于动能-势能转化和守恒的自然法则,导致了玻尔半径。

 A Spectroscopic Quantum Model  FullText(SpQtmModel)

    IC-Model Full-Text   Download PDF Full-Text

 离子共价性及应用 1.(中文全文)

离子共价性及应用 2. 路易士酸强度

    IC-Lewis acid strengths  IC-las Full-Text   

    IC-Crosslink Density  IC-cd Full-Text

   离子共价性参数   Ionocovalency Parameters

Ionocovalency Chart

Convalent Radii and New Applications.doc

Ionocovalency 离子共价论

Ionocovalency in  Universal PhilosophyIonocovalency in  Molecular Science  

Ionocovalency since its publication has occupied WiPiMD top

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International Ionocovalency Schools  离子共价世界学派

Ionocovalent Bond is Binary Chemical Bond  离子共价性键是二元化学键

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                                                  Debate on Pauling Electronegativity Confusion     与鲍林辩论电负性  

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