Obama Doctrine and Ionocovalency

A Letter Reply to President Obama on Trade Agenda


Dear President Obama,


Thank you very much for your mail!


President’s trade agenda is big practical step of continuing Obama Doctrine which is perfectly in line with Ionocovalencythe nature law that the ionic energy harmonized with the covalent environment. China has big problem, because its energy not harmonized with environment. China introduced capital energy but its environment is communist, forming economic corruption, moral decay. We hope the Chinese Dream come true.


Yes, it’s true. When you ran for the office, Americans felt left behind by trade agreements of the past, because the energy, which went to Iraq and Afghan, not harmonized with environment. Since that time, in 1908, the energy has returned back to the US, resulting in the harmonized ionocovalent potential and the stock market rising continuously for 7 years.


The trade agenda will result in a new ionocovalent potential in American history. I did a survey of 6 month study. I know Chinese loved two things. One is American academic degree and the other is American goods. Therefore USA goods will have a good market.


Thank you,

Yonghe Zhang



*  A letter from President Obama on Trade Agenda


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