Ionocovalency on regime 

Huilin Y. Zhang 

      According to the ionocovalent theory, IC = Z* / r, things exists in the ionic kinetic Z *, the covalent environmental r, as well as the ionocovalent potential IC. When the ionic kinetic energy develops up to the limit, its potential energy will decline to the things collapse in order to compensate the total energy E constant. Stability in things existence, therefore, will depend on the harmony of their covalent environment with their ionic kinetic energy. This is the law of nature.

      The collapse of the regime of five thousand years of ancient China because the lack of harmony covalent environment, leading to its authoritarian ionic reached its limit. Failure of Mao's Cultural Revolution is that he completely remove all the covalent nature of environmental harmony and led to his dictatorship of the proletariat reached its limit. He does not tolerate any covalent harmonious atmosphere of the environment, so he eradicated his partisans politburo, shattered state institutions.He struck down the military Marshal Peng, his plain speaking at the Lushan Conference "manifesto", and shame to kill President Liu Shaoqi, he published "March On" evaluation "seven thousand conference". Finally, Mao's environment left only "Gang of For", including his wife,  r —> 0.

      The rise of the Western industrial economy avoided to go the road of the east authoritarian political system. Since the establishment of the 18th century democratic polity of the United Kingdom, almost all Western democracies have implemented a two-party system. After running on the authoritarian roads half a century Chinese Kuomintang introduced the two-party system in Taiwan. Thus, the duality of natural law of ionocovalent theory applies to all fields. Optimization is a naturally occurring ionocovalent mechanism, which is the product of a function of ionic and covalent function: a potential harmony of ionic energy and the covalent environment. The ruling party has the ionic kinetic energy of performance, the opposition to exercise environmental harmony covalent nature. Bipartisan common maintain security and stability of the country.


                                                                  Marshal Peng
Marshal Peng
                                                              President Liu Shaoqi
President Liu Shaoqi
                      Finally, Mao's environment left only "Gang of For", including his wife,  r --> 0.
Finally, Mao's environment left only "Gang of For", including his wife, r --> 0.

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