Ionocovalency: Who is Wrong, Government or Snowden?

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


Snowden has been a subject of controversy: he has been variously called a hero, whistleblower, a dissident, a traitor, and a patriot. What he is?


Accordance to ionocovalent theory: all things exist in ionocovalent potential IC, the harmony of the ionic momentum Z* with the covalent environment r [1]:


IC = Z* / r


In western civilization countries, people provided them with a strong ego momentum. The universal value of justice, fairness, generosity, tolerance and friendliness create a harmonious environment for her, resulting in the potential energy of the stable development of the society. Here people's ego momentum Z * are fully freely developed to produce harmony with the social environment r, and the power of the government narrowed as far as possible to be covalent with the social environment r to ensure that the considerable ego momentum Z * and quite small (stable) social potential IC.


Social potential IC = Ego momentum Z * / Covalent environment r


After 911, the United States Government introduced the terrorist surveillance program. Americans ' Email being monitored (in fact, did not infringe personal privacy, that's just a software machine scanning), Americans on the plane get full body searches and personal belongings, a woman or even took off her pants. The whole world is the case. However, people understand that terrorist attacks are always people, while the terrorists are always mixed in among the innocent people. For social security, civil liberties Ego momentum must be harmonized with the environment covalency of the government policy:


Social security IC = Ego momentum Z * / Covalent surveillance environment r



[1] Zhang, Y. Ionocovalent Theory, J. Am. huilin. Ins. 2011, 5, 1-11  


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