Who commanded the body's "fight or flight"?

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


According to Ionocovalency, everything exists in Ionocovalency IC, the ionic energy Z* harmonized with the covalent environment r. It derived from the microscopic deduction of experiments and mathematics and correlated to the macroscopic induction of the universal observations [1-3]:


 IC I ( Z*)C(r-1).


Therefore,  The biochemical reactions of the immune system in our body is always in a automatic and self-controlling mechanism that prepares the body to be in an harmonious ionocovalency (IC) state to our survival, i.e. the body needs ionic energy Z* to be controlled by covalency r-1  in normal but not excessive.


Stress is an environment factor ( r) to cause our body in excessive sufferance. When we experience some stress ( r) a bodily  ionocovalent harmony (IC) is changed and the body's immune system occurred the well known "fight or flight" response [4] in which our body release two hormones (r) to “fight” the stress, one is cortisol and the other adrenaline. These patterns of nerve cell firing and chemical releases cause our immune system to mobilize with increased activation to restore our ionocovalency (IC). However, excessive hormones (r) would put us at increased risk of numerous health problems, and if that happens, the body's immune system according to ionocovalency (IC), to decreases excessive hormone levels (r) to “flight” and enables our body to return to normal (IC) once a perceived threat has passed.  


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