American Huilin Institute statement on blogs of Yonghe Zhang were banned

   After Yonghe Zhang’s Science net blog was blocked and his Sina com blog also was banned recently. Yonghe Zhang’s blogs represent the view of our Institute.

    American Huilin Institute is an interdisciplinary and nonpartisan research website. It follows the universal law, that everything exists in ionocovalent potential, analyzes the universal presence and predicts the world future. We are opposed to the Marxist class struggle, against Mao's feudal autocracy, against hegemonism, against terrorist attacks and oppose all violent revolution.

    American Huilin Institute has proposed many Research Reports. We published President Hu Jintao’s "People oriented harmonious society".中央政府网站搜and the President Obama's foreign policy(US Congress Org).Currently, based on "People oriented harmonious society" we proposed political reform envisage, The Dawn of China, by which the country does not turmoil, and the party does not lose power.

On the occasion, we sing the praises of Google, the pioneers of modern civilization, as uphold justice defying ban. We continue to contribute to China's real powerful and world peace. We believe that the new regime will not tolerate the history continued to play the "anti-rightist" repression of intellectual elite that result in the big steelmaking stupidity, three-year famine tragic, Cultural Revolution disaster, and bureaucratic capitalism corruption!


American Huilin Institute


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