Obama Doctrine and Ionocovalency


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Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institutehttp://www.amhuilin.com

Everything exists in ionocovalency (IC), that is the harmony of the ionic energy I with the covalent environment r-1

IC I(I )C(r-1)

For a society, its economy is the ionic energy which must harmonize with its covalent environments which are culture, politics and system. For the economy, its liberalization is the ionic energy which must subject to the covalency of the nationalization. And the military must harmonize with the universal benefit and collaboration.

The historical facts have strongly proved this universal law[1].

The United States has unique geographical advantages: there are new American continent of fresh low-carbon air and soil, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific as marine navigation and safety barrier.

American universal immigrant culture: justice, justice, generosity, tolerance, friendship and harmony, making her an attractive particularly the United Nations to attract the world's elite continue to flock to the U.S. coast. Based on this unique environment of intangible cultural assets, the United States established that no single country can match the strong economy and free competition, forming of an excellent ionocovalency.

Since 1989, the ionic momentum was not harmonized with the covalent environment, the Bush administration executed the hawk’s pre-emptive unilateralism and launched the first Gulf War, and so led to the rise of  to al-Qa’ida and the 9.11 al-Qa’ida terrorist attacks. Deteriorating security situation in the United States induced invasion of Iraq, Bush excuses deep terror trap, costing of 100 times over budget of 60 billion. That led to the failure of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and caused the United States since 1990 the economic recession. Statue of Liberty image of American democracy in the world become the hegemony of the new terrorism. 

 All of these are due to the United States in violation of the laws of nature ionocovalency and the ionic unilateralism undermines the world covalency. It also exposed the defects of the Constitution of the United States and the United Nations mechanism to curb the U.S. hawks bent.

On the campaign trail in 2008, Obama administration developed "Phoenix Project". The core idea of the plan fundamentally subverts the Bush doctrine. Obama's goal is to restore the United States in a unipolar world is no longer a global leadership position. This will not be achieved primarily through military force, but through the covalent environment: soft power of the disciplinary action and formal inter-governmental and international organizations, internal and external collaboration, to solve a particular problem. Obama has perfectly done what he had said for Iraq withdrawal and for Libya and Egypt events.

President Obama has overcome since Reagan in the 1980 of the 20th century the neo-liberal cowboy fiscal policy that developed into deep-rooted "non-interventionism", resulting in the two sweeps through the global financial crisis in the last 20 years. President Obama adopted a series of the covalent nationalization measures to harmonize the ionic liberalization and the U.S. economy began to recover from the long-term damage by the free capitalism policy. The stock market rebounded from the bottom.

Obama could be trusted to open a new age of a post-American world order in universal law – ionocovalency 

[1] Zhang, Y. Ionocovalency, J. Am. huilin. Ins. 2011, 5, 1-11  


A Letter from President Obama to Yonghe Zhang

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