Create Eternal Sino-American Relations

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute

     From Beijing or Washington colorful sunset fly over 12 hours is Washington or Beijing's vibrant rising sun.China and the United States are in the center of the eastern and western hemispheres, respectively.They are the world economic balance power, and also are the covalent environments of harmonizing the each others.

      This is the natural universal mechanism - ionocovalency: all things exist in ionocovalent potential (IC), the harmony (/) of the ionic momentum (Z*) with the covalent environment (r).  It derived from the microscopic deduction of experiments and mathematics, but also correlated to the macroscopic induction of the universal observations [1,2].


  IC = Z* / r


In accordance with this natural mechanism, Sino-US mutual as a covalent environment each other, Sino-US relations will always be harmonic playing. Violation of this rule, regard each other as enemies, must harm nation and people, destroying each other.


Why the United States has been powerful


America began to follow the ionocovalent natural mechanisms since her founding. Her adventurous innovation spirit of immigrants provided her with a strong ego momentum. Her justice, fairness, generosity, tolerance and friendliness of immigrant cultures create a harmonious environment for her, resulting in the potential energy of the stable development of the society. Here people's ego momentum Z * are fully freely developed to produce harmony with the social environment r, and the power of the government narrowed as far as possible to be covalent with the social environment r to ensure that the considerable ego momentum Z * and quite small (stable) social potential IC.


Social potential IC = Ego momentum Z * / Covalent environment r


This rule ushered in her founding of the victory of the American Revolution. Created for more than 200 years, steady and continuous development,building the strong economy and free competition no country can match.Her sister revolution - French Revolution has been a long failure. French politicians have long-term "guillotine" powers against each other cross the terrorist environment can not provide the people to play their humanity ego momentum to create a stable social potential of the new regime. 


In modern times, since 1989, the ionic momentum was not harmonized with the covalent environment, the Bush administration executed the hawk’s pre-emptive unilateralism and launched the first Gulf War, and so led to the rise of al-Qa’ida and the 9.11 Al al-Qa’ida terrorist attacks. Deteriorating security situation in the United States induced invasion of Iraq, in which Bush excused deep terror trap, and caused the United States since 1990 the economic recession. Statue of Liberty image of American democracy in the world become the hegemony of the new terrorism. 

 In 2008, president Obama developed a new idea which fundamentally subverts the Bush doctrine. Obama's goal is to restore the United States in a unipolar world is no longer a global leadership position. This will not be achieved primarily through ionic military force, but through the covalent environment: soft power of collaboration. Obama has perfectly done what he had said for Iraq withdrawal and for Libya and Egypt events.


President Obama has overcome since Reagan in the 1980 of the 20th century the neo-liberal cowboy fiscal policy that developed into deep-rooted "non-interventionism", resulting in the two sweeps through the global financial crisis in the last 20 years. President Obama adopted a series of the covalent nationalization measures to harmonize the ionic liberalization and the U.S. economy began to recover from the long-term damage by the free capitalism policy. The stock market rebounded from the bottom.


China's Prospects


Marx did not accept the lesson from the history of the American Revolution and the French Revolution, thrown all humanity ego into the “social relations complex” pot to cook, and then the “social power relations” gave the people a few scoop broth [2].


Social Potential IC = Plundering Z* / Social Power Relations r


Due to the plunder energy Z* minimal, the power relations environment r great, and ionocovalent potential IC defeat, led to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Mao Zedong in accordance with Marxism great inflammatory or appeal, only in the old-fashioned war, use the working class lost their lives gene "social property" (great Z*) to win a war. But in times of peace-building, he can not fail to massacre the intellectual elite’s gene (Z * became smaller), can not save nearly half a century of poverty and famine and Chinese Gang of Four fell [2].

Deng Xiaoping introduced capitalist economy energy but did not introduce capitalist covalent environment. Had to use Marxism replace the capitalist covalent environment, the higher the official position, the greater the interestsforming the vested interests of bureaucratic capitalist class:


Bureaucratic Capitalism Potential = Capitalist Monopoly / Power Environment


Dramatically, Marxism and Mao Zedong Thought became the new weapons to overthrow bureaucratic capitalism, resulting in social and ideological confusion, political corruption, and moral decay. Marxism became the loss of the regime's Achilles' heel. So the political reform has become the top priority in China.

In the modern information society, dictatorship is no way out. China's way out only has two ways; one is Gorbachev's road (including jasmine road), another is Chiang Ching-kuo road. If the former, because, unlike the Soviet Union, China's revolutionary objects have economic power, not easily exit the stage of history, will cause great turmoil and upheaval in China never like Egyptian jasmine revolution, will cause a worldwide economic catastrophe. Weighing the two roads, the later is looking forward. That is only road the CCP can keep its power. 


China's dawn


Through the cracks between conservative forces and “extreme Left”, the domestic economic corruption and the moral turpitude grievances, and in the smoke of the International Cultural Cold War, we saw the dawn of the Chinese reformers. Former Chinese President Hu Jintao put forward the "people-oriented, harmonious society" (POHS), which conform to ionocovalency nature law on the scientific concept, is the theoretical basis for building a scientific community:


POHSD IC = People-oriented Z* / Harmonious society r


This is the basic theory of Chinese political reform. Only they can abandoned the feudal autocratic and avoid unrest of Gorbachev's road and Jasmine revolution. We expect the Chinese Communists have dared to lose power like KMT, dare to get the regime's confidence and flair, democratization of political parties, again with the cooperation of the Kuomintang, and ultimately the two-party system, integration into the world community [3].


China-US alliance mutual benefit and win for the benefit of the world


The common threat is nuclear blackmail and terrorism: With the rise of China, the world situation is undergoing two changes: (1) in small and medium countries of Asia and the world occur development the economy and nuclear weapons of "China rise model domino effect" (2) China-US and other countries of the world, the gap between rich and poor is widening. Therefore, China and the United States face a common threat of nuclear blackmail and terrorism.

The biggest problem between China and the US is a mutual misunderstanding. Treat each other as enemies, extremely suspicious to develop some kind of strategy to spend a lot of money to clique stimulating each other's Cold War competition. Therefore, we need to understand the following points: 

China and the US both are not aggressive: national aggression depends on its ionocovalency, that is, the economic momentum and the cultural environment. China's economy has been dependent on the world market, and its cultural environment is the Achilles' heel of Marxism fate. The backwardness of the Qing dynasty made her lose a lot of land and, in recent years, she just claims that she lost her Sea Island was not allowed. She also opposed the aggression of others and that the China counterattacked Viet Nam to Cambodia invasion and withdrawal.

The US  has not occupied an inch of land in China. In the liberation war of CPC, the US did not send troops, but mediation. The bottom line of the US sent troops to the requirements of the security of the US have been violated and allies. During the Anti-Japanese War, the US sent the Air Force Flying Tigers to the Chinese anti-Japanese. Pearl Harbor led to the US dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. The 911 terrorist attacks led to the US  invasion of Iraq, but criticism of the correct national policy by President Obama to withdraw all its forces.

The US nor politically impede China's economic takeoff, on the contrary, the volume of trade between the two countries increased 500-fold in 30 years. No conflict between the interests of the rise of China and theUS .

Chinese feelings of the U.S:  Chinese have dual feelings to the US, appreciation of the U.S. economy, science and technology, culture and the people friendly, and would like to be friends with the US, but they believe that some American politicians always want to adhere to the leadership of the world, jealousy, discrimination and make cliques to curb the rise of China, fearing China will be the boss. This leads to some extreme patriotism of some Chinese people.

The Chinese should be magnanimous: Memories of dealing with the Soviet Union 30 years, China's poverty and backwardness famine, also called the Soviet Union's "Big Brother" called the dictatorship of Lenin and Stalin as the "great teacher". Economic exchanges with the US  for 30 years, China have become the second economic powers, recognizing the US the first (Leading) position should be no grievances. 30 years later, if China became the first country to have leadership, the US no demur to say, of course.

Draw on the Monroe Doctrine: based on the concept of Marxism and geo-foreign alliance policy necessarily implies the geographical expansion of China's neighboring countries and economic blackmail. Chinese aid to North Korea against the US caused significant losses of the Chinese army, thankless task of long-term economic assistance was also on the back, finally causing today's nuclear blackmail. Anti-US 8 years of aiding Vietnam, Viet Nam had abandoned in China, to join the Soviet Union invasion of Cambodia, resulting in China and Viet Nam war. At present, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Eun asked President Obama called him, indicated that neighboring countries are taking advantage of Sino-US "hostility” playing the “two big cards", and also shows China in the Asia-Pacific region has become the last of her wearing Marx armor the loner - Don Quixote. China was blamed on the United States in the region plus the wedge. This complex situation is very similar to the 1823 when the United States started take-off the third president Monroe facing. The Monroe Doctrine, the United States and the United Kingdom got coalition growing. Why not learn from the Monroe Doctrine to promote the Sino-US Alliance to change the situation in the world!

The US and China has become economically tied to a rope, grasshopper, why the two countries do not change the traditional hostility stance led to a covalent environment? Why not reached a subtle Monroe Doctrine tacit and establish “cordial friendship”? Why China can not take free ride on the US. aircraft carrier to patrol the Asia-Pacific waters surrounding, improve relations with neighboring countries? The US why should not have generous demeanor of the British Empire that year!

 As former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saidA thriving China is good for America and a thriving America is good for China, so long as we both thrive in a way that contributes to the regional and global good. Let me go one step further. We will only succeed in building a peaceful, prosperous Asia Pacific if we succeed in building an effective U.S.-China relationship.

Sino-US relations as if a pair of covalent electrons of two atoms is revolving around the common orbital of the two atoms,  forming the new stable molecule state. This is in line with the laws of nature - Ionocovalency


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