Ionocovalency Correlated with Macro-Micro and Physical Laws

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


Ionocovalency correlated with macro-micro and physical laws [1,2]:


Classical mechanics of Newton's second law:



Rutherford-Bohr celestial -Atomic model of particle-quantum:

E=-Z2me4/8n2h2 ɛ 02=-RZ2/n2


Einstein-Planck relationship:



Schrodinger wave equation:

-h22ψ/ 8π2m - Ze2ψ/4πє0r = Eψ


De Broglie wave - Ionocovalency:

λ= h/ (2m (E - IC))½ = h/(2m (E - n*( Iz /R)½rc-1))


     Therefore, this interpretation of the survival mechanism of the hydrogen atoms of the source of all things, through the micro-and macro-induction of Ionocovalency model, bound to describe the existence of universal things.


[1] Zhang, Y. Ionocovalency, J. Am. huilin. Ins. 2011, 5, 1-11  

[2] Zhang, Y. Ionocovalency and Applications 1. Ionocovalency Model and Orbital Hybrid Scales. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2010, 11, 4381-4406



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