Ionocovalency on Clever and Stupid can Infect

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


      The latest U.S. study found that school achievement is closely related with their clever and stupid, and will reflect clever and stupid "contagion".

      According to Ionocovalency, Everything exists in ionocovalent potential (IC), the harmony of the ionic momentum with the covalent environment. “Man” exists in the harmony (/) of the ego moment Z* with the covalent environment r. It derived from the microscopic deduction of experiments and mathematics, but also correlated to the macroscopic induction of the universal observations [1,2]. 


                                                                   IC = Z* / r 


      New York State University studied one year on 16-17 year-old local students. If the research object friends are better grades than the objects of study, the objects of study results will gradually improve. In contrast, if the research object friends poor academic performance, the results of the research objects will gradually regressed. This is because the covalent radius of the above formula r (originated in chemistry the shared electron pair moving)  occurs the change of the enlarged or reduced.

    Professor Hiroki Sayama responsible for the study pointed out that the guidelines students are likely to be the behavior of friends and learn to imitate. Peer pressure, friends excellent grades, he also hopes to follow in order to avoid disgrace. On the contrary, if the poor grades friend, his motivation for learning will also be reduced. Students may also be able to people they admire but not familiar as a friend, and then imitate them, so as to improve academic performance. This produced a new harmony Potential IC because the ionic kinetic Z * in the above formula, the enlarged or reduced change occurred.

Thus, human behavior is not only related to the genetic and the environment to a certain extent.

      Ionocovalency prevalent in chemistry has become a universal law of nature. Chinese philosopher Mencius to persuade the monarch to examine and select cronies around by "one takes on the color of one's company.". Communist Party is with its review of the social relations of citizens. Christian says that born guilty, for all have sinned. Even on people's psychological and physiological subtle "husband and wife" is also attributed to it.


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