Ionocovalency Theory on Marxism

Yonghe Zhang


American Huilin Institute 



    How to define "man" is the touchstone for testing the truth. Different philosophy left a different color. Lamettrie proposed “Man a machine” wherein he rejected the René Cartesian dualism of mind and body, "I think, therefore I am "and Ludwig Feuerbach insisted "I desire, therefore I am". All of these ideas take into account only humanity ego, but lack of environment in harmony with.

   According to ionocovalent theory, everything exists in ionocovalent potential, “Man" can be described as a potential harmony of humanity ego with environment. Humanity ego can be expressed as an ionic energy. It derived from the microscopic deduction of experiments and mathematics and correlated to the macroscopic induction of the universal observations [1,2].  Baby's first cry clearly expresses: "I am coming, please care me!” It is the birth of the ionocovalent potential (IC) generated by the harmony (/) of the ionic energy (Z*) and the covalent environment (r).


IC = Z* / r 


      In the universal society, ego energy Z* fully and freely developed to be harmonious with the social environment r and the Government try to reduce as far as possible its authority to be covalent with the social environment r to ensure ego energy Z* has a relatively large social potential IC. Thus, it is not difficult to interpret why the American Revolution succeeded, but the France Revolution has failed.

    What is Marxism? Marxism but instead, do not consider humanity ego, only considering the environment. Marx admitted "I only know a unique history of science", but did not accept the lesson from the history of the American Revolution and the French Revolution, ignored the most valuable human ego desiring momentum that he believed is abstract thinking “spiritualism”, and only insisted the "social property", believing that is the reality of labor to create the material and the creation of historical “materialism”. So he divided mankind into two great hostile camps of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, forming the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    In fact, on "human nature", Marx originally had two contradictory views that made him fascinated and puzzled. One is humanity ego and the other is "social relationship complex". According to ionocovalency, the former belong to ionic energy, and the latter belong to covalent environment. Unfortunately Marx failed to correlate both into ionocovalency and avert humans from the century-long calamity.  As the former completely contrary to the basic theory of MarxismMarx, abandoned the humanity ego and chose the "social relationship complex",and thrown all humanity ego into the “social relations complex” pot to be cooked, and then the “social power relations” gave the people a few scoop broth.

    So Marxism advocated average (confiscation, plundering) means of production (personal wealth and ability), and established a regime of social relations.


Social Potential IC = Plundering Average Z* / Power Relations r


    Why Marx abandoned humanity ego?

  If it is recognized humanity ego, we must admit ego energy to create competition in the market value, it is necessary to recognize the good genes to create a civilization, and recognition of the social status of the "bourgeois". So the "Communist Manifesto" is no longer a sharp weapon for politicians to establish the political power of the proletariat.

   If it is recognized humanity ego, Marx can not choose “social relations complex". "Social relations complex" is essentially "the complex of power relations", and select it to be glorified as abstract "people", "people's interests". So the rulers could become the representative of the "emperor" or "God". The rulers' ego energy sublimate into power-desiring lust, but people's ego energy averaged and plundered into "social sum" This let Marxism with an extremely deceptive, seditious or appeal. So that it has a cult of personality, totalitarian, ultra-religious characteristics. That is why Marxist spectre that once occupied the less developed Eastern Europe, why Mao Zedong's eight-way Bumpkin army defeated American armed Chiang Kai-shek. Why there are suicide terrorist attacks. Ionocovalent theory explained that that is because in the backward areas and in old war, Marxism can gain considerable ionic energy Z* and the consistent power relations environment (small r), and thus fairly stable existence of potential IC. However, in times of peace-building, he can not help but abandoned the human ionic energy Z* and rely on to the "social property" of Plundering Energy (tiny Z*) and the social power relations complex environment (extreme large r), leading to ionocovalent potential IC debacle and resulting in the dissolution of the Soviet Union and loss regime of Chinese Gang of Four:


IC = I(Z*, Iz )C(r-1, n*r-1)


    Mao Zedong’s first Quotations: "People, only the people, are the power of creation of the world history”, nakedly exposed the essence of Marxism. Their materialistic outlook is the labor of man as a creation of material without ego thinking of human nature. Their "view of history" is treating people as their force creating regime. Mao Zedong can only win a war by using the laborers who have genes of "social property" to sacrifice their lives.  However, in times of peace-building, he can not help but massacre genes of knowledge elite class and can not save China’s nearly half a century of laborers poverty and famine.

     Deng Xiaoping's reform only introduced capitalism ionic economy energy and retained the covalent environment of Marxism, creating the privatization of power shares


Average means of production → Regime of social relations→ Privatization of power-shares


and generating a covalent "Proletariat capitalist freak" . The Ionocovalent modle is:


Capitalist economy / Marxism social relations

= Economic benefits / Power relations

= Socialist bureaucratic capitalist class


leading to Achilles' heel of politic corruption and moral bankruptcy. Due to this economic interest is the “Reap without sowing”, and will inevitably lead to corruption. As a result of this environment on covalent power relations, will inevitably lead to a power struggle.

    However, it is worth the kind people awake that, because the foolish mortal beings are always the majority of mankind, the human short-term memory always forgets the painful history, the greedy politicians in total disregard of what stuff Marxism is, will continued to fall down before his shrine or dig out his ghost from the Berlin Wall to bring them the pleasure of the authority and money magic, history continues to repeat itself.


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