"Ionocovalent Genetic" Replaced “Jus sanguinis”

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


    The “Jus sanguinis” based on the origin and identity of the ancestors is used for dividing the crowd.Hitler's "Prosperity Germanic tribe and the extinction of the Jewish family," and Mao Zedong's "father is a hero, child hero but father reactionary child bastard" developed jus sanguinis to the extreme to massacre millions of people. So people put them together with the jus sanguinis and threw into the dustbin of history. However, history is always from one extreme to another. According to the umpire of genetics and ionocovalent theory, we obviously also go to the other extreme.

    Numerous factual record tells us that “Jus sanguinis is still exists. The gene is the ionic energy Genetic: a generous, dedicated, tough ancestor always have genetic child of the same humanity. Harsh and ungrateful parents may be subjected to an ungrateful revenge by his son.. Moreover,  the ionic inheritance must be subject to environmental covalency: environmental impact of Beijing people will be honest and rude, the Shanghainese always marked elegant and selfish social branding. Ancient Mencius's mother "chose a neighborhood" and the present parents "selected school districts". As a result, we have to retrieve “Jus sanguinis from the garbage heap, to verify the identity back to life.

  According to genetics, complex behaviors related to personality, psychopathology and cognition are all influenced to some degree by genetics. They have also found that genetics alone is never enough to explain behavior, because behavior is also influenced by the environment [1] 

     In accordance with ionocovalency, genetic is ionic kinetic behavior, it must be covalently harmonized by the environment becomes the survival of the potential energy [1]. Thus, ionocovalency gives “Jus sanguinis” duality, defined “Jus sanguinis as "Ionocovalency Genetic".


[1] Zhang, Y. 离子共价性, J. Am. huilin. Ins. 2011, 5 (B), 1-9 

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