Conclusion (attached " Borrow Arrows with Thatched Boats")

China Twilight - 8

- if the dawn of the Chinese reformers disappeared in the darkness.


Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute

Conclusion (attached " borrow arrows with thatched boats")


We are opposed to the Marxist class struggle against Mao's feudal autocracy, against imperialism preemptive armed aggression against terrorist attacks and plunder. Oppose all violent revolution.


Wen Jiabao " borrow arrows with thatched boats"

On behalf reply  “New York Times”


Ye Marshal coup Mao gang, cited Yaobang resurgence great cause.

Jiabao sit Party office, minded heaven and earth to reverse

Conservative remnant usurped power, great cause miscarried.

Struggle against Mao left, political reform blocked

Black -White Cat mixed blood, red businessmen fighting for power

Fight with one's back to the river, break the cauldrons and sink the boats

Leave good name to posterity, property counted as cock !

Borrow arrows with thatched boats, Kyushu change the Spring and Autumn


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