China Twilight

- if the dawn of the Chinese reformers disappeared in the darkness.


Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


Ionocovalency of natural law


The universal social follows ionocovalency of natural law:

Ionic energy I (I) and Environment covalency C (r-1), constitute a social potential IC:


IC = I(I)C(r-1) = I/r


The Social Potential = Ionic Energy / Environment Covalency


The ionic energy I (I) involved human instinct and socio-economic; environmental covalency C (r-1) involved in the Social ideologyl: People's beliefs, Social morality and Government regulations.

The capitalism follows the ionocovalency of natural law, and after centuries of development, has become a universal human social model:


Social Potential = Free Competition / Market Control


Marxism violation Ionocovalency of natural law


Marxism denied "free development of human nature", advocated flat rich for common all and controlled  by "the sum of the social relations" , not by market control:


The social potential = Flat rich for common all / Power relations


Because Marxism trampled on human rights due to its restriction of free development of individual ion kinetic energy, and the power relations undermined the social justice, it must use the violent massacre of the bourgeoisie to get its ion energy, undermining the social covalency and leading to economic corruption and the social beliefs turpitude. Ultimately, the social potential collapse and Marxism lost its power. The wandering spectre of communism in Europe has been buried in its birthplace under the Berlin wall


Mao's ultimate dream: the feudal family dynasty 


Marxist-oriented, Mao Zedong massacred the landlord class, divided their land. Mao Zedong used the life of the peasantry as the kinetic energy, took the Japanese invasion of China as the environment to overthrew the continent's first democracy of Xinhai Revolution, and established a totalitarian regime, dragging the Chinese history back to the feudal era. Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution and eventually lead to the loss of social potential. Ultimately, the throne transfer to his wife Jiang Qing failed to achieve.

According to Ionocovalency, Mao's success does not rely on its ionic energy, but the covalently environment. In fact,  Mao's ionic energy is  the very low, On scholarship, was expelled from high school students. On the experience, the small staff of only four months incompetent bashing career. Therefore, Mao Zedong with profound hatred of intellectuals, no way to go, back to Hunan to do bandits and on Jinggangshan hit Regal rebel.

The early days of the revolution, Mao Zedong has been low-key energy, and even do not want to participate in the Long March. When Zhang guotao give up the leadership of the Red Army 80000 after leaving the Communist Party, Mao’s ionic energy is increased from 1 to 9, gaining an absolute leadership. Since then, Mao's feudal overbearing, began the dream of establishing a feudal family dynasty. The first signal is satisfied Jiang Qing as a concubine.

His lifelong idol is Qin Shi Huang. Mao Zedong said: " Qin Shihuang what? He only killed 460 Confucian. I debated with people, said that we are Qin Shi Huang, we fully acknowledge. Unfortunately, they said that's not enough, tend to us be supplemented, we exceed the Qin Shi Huang a hundredfold. I am in favor of Qin Shi Huang, not in favor of Confucius. "

This self-proclaimed "heroes"  killing landlord class to equally distribute land, the killing hundred times the intellectual elite to consolidate the dictatorship of the proletariat has led to half a century of poverty and famine, and deaths of tens of millions of people, far exceeding Japan fascist massacre of  the Chinese. Today there are a lot of people miss the stability of the Mao era. However, they forget in that era lives of the people were controlled by food stamps, freedom of domicile control, political control of thought of!

Mao Ze-Dong's modern idols was Stalin. He said, "I want to be Marx plus Qin Shihuang". Mao Ze-Dong is overbearing cruel of Qin Shihuang’s dictatorship  and despotism of Stalin's conspiracy. Idol Stalin is bright light in Mao’s two idols. Because they have a rare similar life story, they both took part in the revolution after being expelled from high school; both send their sons to battle and to be killed. However, Mao Zedong is for the hereditary his throne, whereas Stalin in order to strengthen the dictatorship.

After the death of Stalin, Khrushchev exposed Stalin's autocratic rule, causing a wave of anti-Stalinist international communist camp. Mao Zedong was clearly aware of this major historical event sensitively scanning a Chinese Stalin and a Chinese Khrushchev's shadow, prompting him to launch the Cultural Revolution to transfer his concubine Jiang Qing the throne.

To this end, he has to dissolve the Politburo, smash the state apparatus. No gunshot, not a drop of bloodshed, the founders of the Republic, the millions of bold warriors generals died in two or three years. Set with Jiang Qing as the standard-bearer of the "gang of four" dominated the national party.  

Mao Zedong's usage of means "you, beat you,"and "played cat defeated down with all his deputies and comrades. In September 1961, Mao introduced Liu Shaoqi to the United Kingdom Field Marshal Montgomery: "when I die, he is me". Power-hungry Liu Shaoqi, however, could not sniff out Mao's minds, has become China's Khrushchev, the first to be struck down.

In 1966, Mao Zedong wrote to Jiang Qing in Dishui Dong "premeditated to get rid of their close ally of Lin Biao.Exactly the same, sealing Lin Biao as his successor, vice commander, master military power in order to stabilize the new regime. Not difficult to speculate that the reaction of Lin Biao of a military strategist. He thought it was "forced suicide" and sealed. Not answering the  decree is the anti-decree, and he has no escape route, he will no doubt die! As for his subsequent fate, whether planning a "571" project, the aircraft sank the desert or the soul falls exotic, is not important!

Has helped Mao to get rid of the Lin Biao, Zhou Enlai was on his own turn. He is the Mao’s last target to be got rid of, but also the curtain fall of the Cultural Revolution. The loyalists cleared all the roads for Mao's transfer his concubine Jiang Qing the throne, like a peach being sucked dry the juice is thrown into the rubbish heap of history. For to get rid of this pedants do not need to go to fight, only to give him a large cap of “Confucius  second” to wear, or ridiculed his " see people, one-third laugh" is enough to make him worries into the illness and life go away to the west.

Everything is ready for Mao's transfer the throne that experienced a decade of bloody. However, if Mao personally directly transfer his throne to his concubine, it is quite abrupt dazzling, detrimental to his glorious image. Better to design a secure transition of power. Taking into account the transition period should not be too long, to avoid dark and dreary, complicate the issue, before dying Mao Zedong oral instructions to Hua Guofeng " you do my mind", assigning Hua Guofeng as transition puppet. However, Mao Zedong not be assured. The psychological of doubting everything caused his one hand held the gun of regime numb before dying. Another one which deadly pinch Qin Shihuang eunuch Zhao Gao  has not been released.

Dying a few months ago, June 15, 1976, Mao Zedong summoned Hua Guofeng, Wang Hongwen, Zhang Chunqiao, Jiang Qing, Yao Wenyuan, and Wang Hairong, made his last will and testament, and issued his final battle order.

"Life is seventy rare ancient times, I am more than 80. Old people always  think about the funeral, China has sentence called cover coffin evaluating, I have not been covered  but soon, would always evaluate it! My life, has done two things, one bucket with Chiang Kai-shek so for decades, he rushed to several islands, and the War of Resistance Against Japan for eight years, the Japanese invited back to go home. The few dissenting these things, only a few people, chattering in my ear. Is nothing more than my early recovery of several islands. Another thing you have to know, is launched the Cultural Revolution. Championed this many people, a lot of opposition. These two things are not finished. This heritage must be handed over to the next generation, how to do? If not peacefully, would be in turmoil,   might have had gang Warz. How do you do, only God knows."[Four decades of Communist Party of China, Communist Party of data Press, 1989.]



Turn the tide of reformist rise


On October 6, 1976, Marshal Ye Jianying launched a coup d ' état, arrested gang of four, led by Jiang Qing. This clearly marks Mao Zedong’s feudal autocracy has been knocked down, heaven and Earth had been reversed.

Marshal Ye Jianying's enthusiastic recommendation of the CYL Central veteran Hu Yaobang as Communist Party General Secretary to complete the rejuvenation of China.

Early as the sixth day after the smashing of the "Gang of Four", Hu Yaobang sent to Ye Jianying three governing recommend: to stop criticizing Deng, second, the vindication of miscarriages of justice, and third, pay close attention to the production

In 1977, when he was the Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, with his dauntless spirit " I do not go to the oil pan, who is into the pan ", launched the reborn Communist Party ideological and theoretical foundation calls of the "two Whatevers" and "two whatever", published a code of practice is the sole criterion for testing truth this epoch-making theory. He presided over the mass of redress unjust false and wrong cases in Chinese history, causing the Chinese history smoothly entered into a new period.

January 29, 1979, at the Diaoyutai Hu Yaobang called a meeting of Central Propaganda Department, said: "I always insist on this idea, this year and next year continue tense combat to reverse China land of heaven and earth. Now or things were around the beginning of turn.

However, this"turn the tide" of young and elite potential they met Deng Xiaoping and its conservative remnant of .their adding insult to injury. January 1987 meeting of the party's life, Bo Yibo, Wang Zhen ask Hu Yaobang to resign. Xi Zhongxun not had the patience to hand-pound the table in protestt: "This is not normal, life meeting will not discuss the general secretary’s fate. This is a violation of the party's principles.  You open the head, planted the bane of the future stability and unity of the party and the state, I strongly oppose your approach! " Moment everyone speechless. Hu Yaobang said: "Comrades Chongxun, I have considered, I will resign." Hu Yaobang was deposed, died with triggered the Tiananmen Square incident. Deng Xiaoping was forced to "Southern Tour" to open the door of the semi-fan reforms in China, only the introduction of a capitalist economy, but left lingering Mao Zedong's political system bane.

Hu Yaobang dead in the late autumn of 1988, said with emotion: ""Marshal Ye Jianying had gone, he spoke a word, the situation may be different."


Deng Xiaoping Created a Capitalist Marxism Freaks


Deng Xiaoping is a fuzzy personality politicians. Accordance to ionocovalency, his ionicity and covalency are tautomeric. Thus his IC (personality) potential energy not a harmonious constants. He has a very strong ionocovalent strain capacity. His "cat theory" reflects his personality. He could crawl out from the dying bodies of the capitalist roaders and became the anti-capitalist General. He can dance with the Gang of Four, and can kill all of them. He can write thousands of words faithful to Mao Zedong and also can send Mao's concubine to the gallows. He will offences capitalist liberalization to topple the national leadership of Hu Yaobang , he will also introduce capitalism to corrupt (enrich) 95% of the Communist Party bureaucracy.

Deng Xiaoping only introduced capitalism ionic economy energy and did not introduce a covalent institutional environment. But to the alternative Marxist covalent environment, creating the privatization of power shares


Average means of production → Regime of social relations

→ Privatization of power-shares


The introduced capitalist ionic energy and Marx institutional environment have undergone a serious contradiction, forming a capitalism + Marxism freaks. The advanced capitalist energy produces a huge socialist bureaucratic capitalist class. Rich and poor of society ionic energy depends on the covalent environments of the levels of the official positions, the higher the level of the official position, the larger the interests of the monopoly family and the vested interests of the princelings. The Ionocovalent modle is:

Capitalist economy / Marxism social relations

= Economic benefits / Power relations

= Socialist bureaucratic capitalist class

→ Monopoly vested interests of family and princelings

Due to this economic interest is the “Reap without sowing”, and will inevitably lead to corruption. As a result of this environment on covalent power relations, will inevitably lead to a power struggle.

Jiang Zemin's 10-year reign unswervingly implement Deng Xiaoping Theory, and planted the kindling of the moral decay and economic corruption. 


"People-oriented Harmonious Society" is a Scientific Social Law


With economic development, social corruption and moral decay caused by the Deng Xiaoping Theory are growing in the late of Hu Jintao - Wen Jiabao ruling, triggering the ionocovalent“Chongqing model”of the extreme leftist forces in the princelings:


IC (seize emperor power) = I(personal authority)/C(Changhong hitting)


For the serious social discord, Premier Wen Jiabao issued a Era's Good Faith Warning: "Without the success of political reform, reform of the economic system can not be carried out in the end, the results already achieved may also have lost the emerging issues in the community, no one can fundamentally be solved, the Cultural Revolution, this historical tragedy likely to happen. "

"Confucius stationed in Tiananmen Square" is a signal of early political reform. This marks the philosophers and pluralism "cultural renaissance", also marked the termination of "one thought and one doctrine". Hu Jintao put forward the "people-oriented, harmonious society" (POHS), which conform to ionocovalency nature law on the scientific concept, is the theoretical basis for building a scientific community


Hu Jintao - Wen Jiabao background civilians, ruling harmony. Hu Jintao's democratic style ended "suppress deputy",  Mao Zedong usual autocratic tradition in CPC history. Mao Zedong used to “take advantage of you, down with you" and “play cat and mouse (with sb) "to overthrow Wang Ming, Zhang Guotao, Liu Shaoqi, Lin Biao, Zhou Enla and Deng Xiaoping.

However, Hu Jintao - Wen Jiabao's political reform, has long been obstructed by the conservative and extreme left force. The root cause is that in the Republic shrine still lying the worshiped Marxism,  Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping discord theory, as well as some of the logically fallacious slogans.



Dawn of reformers in China


Through the cracks between conservative forces and extreme left, the domestic economic corruption and the moral turpitude grievances, in the smoke of the International Cultural Cold War, we saw the dawn of the Chinese reformers. Only they can abandoned the feudal autocratic and avoid unrest of Jasmine revolution. They come from the green talent ions, rather than Jing-gang covalent Knife-wielding barbaric men. We see a vague harmony, dawn of darkness and pink clouds of dusk.


Conclusion (attached " borrow arrows with thatched boats")


We are opposed to the Marxist class struggle against Mao's feudal autocracy, against imperialism preemptive armed aggression against terrorist attacks and plunder. Oppose all violent revolution.


Wen Jiabao " borrow arrows with thatched boats"

On behalf reply  “New York Times”


Ye Marshal coup Mao gang, cited Yaobang resurgence great cause.

Jiabao sit Party office, minded heaven and earth to reverse

Conservative remnant usurped power, great cause miscarried.

Struggle against Mao left, political reform blocked

Black -White Cat mixed blood, red businessmen fighting for power

Fight with one's back to the river, break the cauldrons and sink the boats

Leave good name to posterity, property counted as cock ! diek

Borrow arrows with thatched boats, Kyushu change the Spring and Autumn.


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