"People-oriented Harmonious Society" is a Scientific Social Law

China Twilight - 6

- if the dawn of the Chinese reformers disappeared in the darkness.

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute

"People-oriented Harmonious Society" is a Scientific Social Law


With economic development, social corruption and moral decay caused by the Deng Xiaoping Theory are growing in the late of Hu Jintao - Wen Jiabao ruling, triggering the ionocovalent“Chongqing model”of the extreme leftist forces in the princelings:


IC (seize emperor power) = I(personal authority)/C(Changhong hitting)


For the serious social discord, Premier Wen Jiabao issued a Era's Good Faith Warning: "Without the success of political reform, reform of the economic system can not be carried out in the end, the results already achieved may also have lost the emerging issues in the community, no one can fundamentally be solved, the Cultural Revolution, this historical tragedy likely to happen. "

"Confucius stationed in Tiananmen Square" is a signal of early political reform. This marks the philosophers and pluralism "cultural renaissance", also marked the termination of "one thought and one doctrine". Hu Jintao put forward the "people-oriented, harmonious society" (POHS), which conform to ionocovalency nature law on the scientific concept, is the theoretical basis for building a scientific community


Hu Jintao - Wen Jiabao background civilians, ruling harmony. Hu Jintao's democratic style ended "suppress deputy",  Mao Zedong usual autocratic tradition in CPC history. Mao Zedong used to “take advantage of you, down with you" and “play cat and mouse (with sb) "to overthrow Wang Ming, Zhang Guotao, Liu Shaoqi, Lin Biao, Zhou Enla and Deng Xiaoping.

However, Hu Jintao - Wen Jiabao's political reform, has long been obstructed by the conservative and extreme left force. The root cause is that in the Republic shrine still lying the worshiped Marxism,  Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping discord theory, as well as some of the logically fallacious slogans.


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