Deng Xiaoping Created a Proletarian Capitalist Monster

China Twilight - 5

- if the dawn of the Chinese reformers disappeared in the darkness.

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute

Deng Xiaoping Created a Marxist -Capitalist  Freak


Deng Xiaoping is a fuzzy personality politicians. Accordance to ionocovalency, his ionicity and covalency are tautomeric. Thus his IC (personality) potential energy not a harmonious constants. He has a very strong ionocovalent strain capacity. His "cat theory" reflects his personality. He could crawl out from the dying bodies of the capitalist roaders and became the anti-capitalist General. He can dance with the Gang of Four, and can kill all of them. He can write thousands of words faithful to Mao Zedong and also can send Mao's concubine to the gallows. He will offences capitalist liberalization to topple the national leadership of Hu Yaobang , he will also introduce capitalism to corrupt (enrich) 95% of the Communist Party bureaucracy.

Deng Xiaoping only introduced capitalism ionic economy energy and did not introduce a covalent institutional environment. But to the alternative Marxist covalent environment, creating the privatization of power shares


Average means of production → Regime of social relations

→ Privatization of power-shares


The introduced capitalist ionic energy and Marx institutional environment have undergone a serious contradiction, forming a capitalism + Marxism freak. The advanced capitalist energy produces a huge socialist bureaucratic capitalist class. Rich and poor of society ionic energy depends on the covalent environments of the levels of the official positions, the higher the level of the official position, the larger the interests of the monopoly family and the vested interests of the princelings. The Ionocovalent modle is:

Capitalist economy / Marxism social relations

= Economic benefits / Power relations

= Socialist bureaucratic capitalist class

→ Monopoly vested interests of family and princelings

Due to this economic interest is the “Reap without sowing”, and will inevitably lead to corruption. As a result of this environment on covalent power relations, will inevitably lead to a power struggle.

Jiang Zemin's 10-year reign unswervingly implement Deng Xiaoping Theory, and planted the kindling of the moral decay and economic corruption. 

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