Turn the Tide of Reformist Rise

China Twilight - 4

- if the dawn of the Chinese reformers disappeared in the darkness.

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


Turn the Tide of Reformist Rise


October 6, 1976, Marshal Ye Jianying launched a coup and arrested the Gang of Four led by Jiang Qing. This clearly indicates that the feudal autocratic Mao Zedong has been overthrown and the universe has been reversed.

Marshal Ye Jianying's enthusiastic recommendation of the CYL Central veteran Hu Yaobang as Communist Party General Secretary to complete the rejuvenation of China.

Early as the sixth day after the smashing of the "Gang of Four", Hu Yaobang sent to Ye Jianying three governing recommend: to stop criticizing Deng, second, the vindication of miscarriages of justice, and third, pay close attention to the production

In 1977, when he was the Minister of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, with his dauntless spirit " I do not go to the oil pan, who is into the pan ", launched the reborn Communist Party ideological and theoretical foundation calls of the "two Whatevers" and "two whatever", published a code of practice is the sole criterion for testing truth this epoch-making theory. He presided over the mass of redress unjust false and wrong cases in Chinese history, causing the Chinese history smoothly entered into a new period.

January 29, 1979, at the Diaoyutai Hu Yaobang called a meeting of Central Propaganda Department, said: "I always insist on this idea, this year and next year continue tense combat to reverse China land of heaven and earth. Now or things were around the beginning of turn.

However, this"turn the tide" of young and elite potential they met Deng Xiaoping and its conservative remnant of .their adding insult to injury. January 1987 meeting of the party's life, Bo Yibo, Wang Zhen ask Hu Yaobang to resign. Xi Zhongxun not had the patience to hand-pound the table in protestt: "This is not normal, life meeting will not discuss the general secretary’s fate. This is a violation of the party's principles.  You open the head, planted the bane of the future stability and unity of the party and the state, I strongly oppose your approach! " Moment everyone speechless. Hu Yaobang said: "Comrades Chongxun, I have considered, I will resign." Hu Yaobang was deposed, died with triggered the Tiananmen Square incident. Deng Xiaoping was forced to "Southern Tour" to open the door of the semi-fan reforms in China, only the introduction of a capitalist economy, but left lingering Mao Zedong's political system bane.

Hu Yaobang dead in the late autumn of 1988, said with emotion: ""Marshal Ye Jianying had gone, he spoke a word, the situation may be different."


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