Marxism Violation Ionocovalency Natural Law

China Twilight - 2

- if the dawn of the Chinese reformers disappeared in the darkness.

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


Marxism violation Ionocovalency  natural law


Marxism denied "free development of human nature", advocated flat rich for common all and controlled  by "the sum of the social relations" , not by market control:


The social potential = Flat rich for common all / Power relations


Because Marxism trampled on human rights due to its restriction of free development of individual ion kinetic energy, and the power relations undermined the social justice, it must use the violent massacre of the bourgeoisie to get its ion energy, undermining the social covalency and leading to economic corruption and the social beliefs turpitude. Ultimately, the social potential collapse and Marxism lost its power. The wandering spectre of communism in Europe has been buried in its birthplace under the Berlin wall.


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