Like the USA, the EU can be the USE, the United States of Europe

World Future Complies with Ionocovalency

Like the USA, the EU can be the USE, the United States of Europe


Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute

Europe is the cradle of world cultures. She will always produce the colorful covalency of energy and the environment. There is the evolution of social civilization: the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, Science Spring, also the Destruction of social disaster: the Paris Commune, World War I, World War II, the October Revolution.

Soviet Union is a sample of the failed experiment result of Marxism in East European Union. In accordance with the ionocovalency, Marxism is the covalency between the proletarian energy and the proletarian culture. Marxism is a Marx limited and denied the freedom of development of the individual ionic momentums I, but converted them into the a huge sum of all social relations r, that leads to ionocovalent potential energy IC defeat, the national economy crash and the Soviet Union disintegration:

IC = I(I )C(r-1) 

And their wide variety of "social relations" and the temptation of all kinds of rights result in society’s permanent aftermath of the economic corruption and moral bankruptcy.

Does European Union have a different future, although it is not the Marxist

No, European Union violates the ionocovalency law: EU ionic momentums I  is not harmonious with the international environment r (WTO, APEC, IMF, etc.). In addition, the EU is an additional ionic energy, resulting in harmony obstacles with the environment, like the body has a more brain, causing confusion in the chain of command, or at least loss of functional efficiency and result in additional energy consumption of system.

Therefore, a prosperous, stable and United Europe is vital for the world. For Europe, there is a optimal existence harmony of energy with environment, that is, like the USA, the EU can be the USE, the United States of Europe. The USE can have common agencies, such as army, and the states only have the police agencies eliminating the need for the army and a lot of overlap. As a result, the EU may have a bright future, an existence inionocovalency. 


[1] Zhang, Y. Ionocovalency, J. Am. huilin. Ins. 2011, 5, 1-11 


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