World Future Complies with Ionocovalency

March 25, 2012
April 14, 2012

World Future Complies with Ionocovalency



Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


Everything exists in ionocovalency (IC), that is the harmony of the ionic energy I with the covalent environment r-1 [1]

IC = I(I )C(r-1)

For a society, its economy is the ionic energy which must harmonize with its covalent environments which are culture, politics and system. For the economy, its liberalization is the ionic energy which must subject to the covalency of the nationalization. And the military must harmonize with the universal benefit and collaboration.

The historical facts have strongly proved this universal law.


America realized no longer the preemptive unilateralism



The United States has unique geographical advantages: there are new American continent of fresh low-carbon air and soil, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific as marine navigation and safety barrier.

American universal immigrant culture: justice, justice, generosity, tolerance, friendship and harmony, making her an attractive particularly the United Nations to attract the world's elite continue to flock to the U.S. coast. Based on this unique environment of intangible cultural assets, the United States established that no single country can match the strong economy and free competition, forming of an excellent ionocovalency.

Since 1989, the ionic momentum was not harmonized with the covalent environment, the Bush administration executed the hawk’s pre-emptive unilateralism and launched the first Gulf War, and so led to the rise of Al Qaeda and the 9.11 Al Qaeda terrorist attacks. Deteriorating security situation in the United States induced invasion of Iraq, Bush excuses deep terror trap, costing of 100 times over budget of 60 billion. That led to the failure of the U.S. war in Afghanistan and caused the United States since 1990 the economic recession. Statue of Liberty image of American democracy in the world become the hegemony of the new terrorism. 

All of these are due to the United States in violation of natural law ionocovalency and the ionic unilateralism undermines the world covalency. It also exposed the defects of the Constitution of the United States and the United Nations mechanism to curb the U.S. hawks bent.

On the campaign trail in 2008, Obama administration developed "Phoenix Project". The core idea of the plan fundamentally subverts the Bush doctrine. Obama's goal is to restore the United States in a unipolar world is no longer a global leadership position. This will not be achieved primarily through military force, but through the covalent environment: soft power of the disciplinary action and formal inter-governmental and international organizations, internal and external collaboration, to solve a particular problem. Obama has perfectly done what he had said for Iraq withdrawal and for Libya and Egypt events.

President Obama has overcome since Reagan in the 1980 of the 20th century the neo-liberal cowboy fiscal policy that developed into deep-rooted "non-interventionism", resulting in the two sweeps through the global financial crisis in the last 20 years. President Obama adopted a series of the covalent nationalization measures to harmonize the ionic liberalization and the U.S. economy began to recover from the long-term damage by the free capitalism policy. The stock market rebounded from the bottom.

Obama could be trusted to open a new age of a post-American world order in universal law – ionocovalency 


The Dawn of China


Marxism have shocked the world for one and a half century, good luck to the extreme 10-year development of Chinese Gang of Four began landslides, and then Eastern Europe, the main rapid disintegration and eventually lead to the crash of the Berlin Wall in its German homeland Established by plunder the property of the rich and divide up humanity wisdom, like the ancient Chinese peasant uprising, Marxism is the vested interests, rather than people-oriented societal wealth created by capitalism. This will inevitably lead to the ultimate corruption, and replaced by the vested interests of a new generation of a dynasty. Accordanding to ionocovalency: 

IC = I(I )C(r-1) 

in that society, the people’s ionic momentum I was deprived and the ruling class has an infinite of Covalent rleading to the welfare of the people IC zero, in only a few cents a day per capita income during the Gang of Four, and so the regime no doubt downfall. So poor people, maintain regimes can only rely on the proletarian dictatorship covalency: Life - food stamps system, actions - household registration system, thought - reform system.

Gang of Four fell with a completely changed the fate of the Millennium Come on the international environment and domestic opportunities: in Eastern Europe the collapse of the Soviet Union, in domestic Chiang Ching-kuo democratization of the KMT and Communist Party reformers led by the General Secretary Hu Yaobang advocated the Chinese Communist ideological foundation reborn and the introduction of the capitalist economy and its covalent environment to replace the average of the birdcage economy and the socialism of Marxism. Millennium Come and opportunities, however, encountered with Deng Xiaoping blows and adding insult to injury by the conservative remnant of old fogy, Hu Yaobang was deposed, and died at the injustice, sparking the Tiananmen Square Incident. Deng Xiaoping was forced to "southern tour", just opening the half-window of reform in China.

Since then, China's economy began a leap. In accordance with the ionocovalency, China's rapid economic growth is due to its huge monopoly of state capitalism energy harmonized with the strong enough nationalized environment.

China's economy may also continue to develop, and may overtake the United States. Then, the state monopoly capitalism, resulting in the loss of market competitiveness while the ion kinetic energy exhausted, into a prolonged recession, accompanied by serious social unrest. The fundamental reason is the conservative patriarch Deng Xiaoping was contrary to the historical experience of 200 years of capitalism, only the introduction of capitalism ionic economy energy does not introduce a covalent institutional environment. Like buy the aircraft without the airport mechanism, China had to substitute capitalism covalent environment by Marxism covalent environment:

Means of production averaged → Regime of social relations → Privatization of rights shares.

Thus, the introduction of the ionic energy of capitalism and Marxism-institutional environment has undergone a serious contradiction to the capitalist Marxism freaks. Advanced capitalist energy produced a huge socialist bureaucrat-capitalist class. Lead to a long-term economic corruption and moral bankruptcy. Trigger the public grievances and the conservative forces as well as the extreme left, the restoration interference. The extreme-right-wing potential advocated the complete overthrow of the Chinese Communist regime to form the jasmine revolutionary front with the world new culture trend. And those extreme left, not yet aware of the ionic capitalist economic basis fatally affect the trite communist covalent environment, even despite the loss of political power, adventured on Don Quijote-style ultra-leftist course.

However, in the crevice between the conservative forces and extreme left forces, in the domestic public grievances about the social moral turpitude and economic corruption and in the smoke of the International Cultural Cold War, we see the dawn of the reformist Communist Party of China. Only they can forever abandon the feudal autocracy, avoid the unrest of the jasmine revolution. Had lost the opportunity of the Millennium Come, Chinese reformists hard up against the obstruction of conservative forces, has taken a pace to go their own way. China’s reform key is in rural areas. Their reform is from rural to urban, from the grass-roots to the central committee. They returned to the countryside for urbanization, is no longer mobilize peasants surrounding the city, while the end of the day in rural areas a famine. They no longer issued the gun to farmers to rob the rich wealth, but change the sacred right to their own destiny.

We look forward to the democratization of the Communist Party of China, again, the KMT-CPC cooperation, to achieve the two-party system. The basis of the universal truth is binary: positive and negative, energy-environment harmonious mode is binary: ionic and covalent. The theoretical basis of Chinese reformers are the people-oriented, harmonious society of universal truth, is no longer a personal thought and doctrine. The WTO's economic power and its universal ideology and cultural environment will be harmony in the ionocovalency, and in a people-oriented, harmonious society, a long-term stability of the truly powerful China will always be integrated into the international community of nations.

It is worth pointing out that: we must have patience in waiting for China’s reform, because in addition to deeply influence of Marxism in China, there is feudalism of Mao Zedong's peasant consciousness effects and aftermath of the deformity of Deng Xiao-ping's reform. And China's reform should be conducted peacefully, as China is the most populous country, unrest would result in millions of heads killed to the ground. China is a major economic power, unrest will cause a collapse of the world economy.


Like the USA, the EU can be the USE, the United States of European


Europe is the cradle of world cultures. She will always produce the colorful covalency of energy and the environment. There is the evolution of social civilization: the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, Science Spring, also the Destruction of social disaster: the Paris Commune, World War I, World War II, the October Revolution.

Soviet Union is a sample of the failed experiment result of Marxism in East European Union. In accordance with the ionocovalency, Marxism is the covalency between the proletarian energy and the proletarian culture. Marxism is a Marx limited and denied the freedom of development of the individual ionic momentums I, but converted them into the a huge sum of all social relations r, that leads to ionocovalent potential energy IC defeat, the national economy crash and the Soviet Union disintegration:

IC = I(I )C(r-1) 

And their wide variety of "social relations" and the temptation of all kinds of rights result in society’s permanent aftermath of the economic corruption and moral bankruptcy.

Does European Union have a different future, although it is not the Marxist

No, European Union violates the ionocovalency law: EU ionic momentums I  is not harmonious with the international environment r (WTO, APEC, IMF, etc.). In addition, the EU is an additional ionic energy, resulting in harmony obstacles with the environment, like the body has a more brain, causing confusion in the chain of command, or at least loss of functional efficiency and result in additional energy consumption of system.

Therefore, a prosperous, stable and United Europe is vital for the world. For Europe, there is a optimal existence harmony of energy with environment, that is, like the USA, the EU can be the USE, the United States of Europe. The USE can have common agencies, such as army, and every state only has the police agencies eliminating the need for the army and a lot of overlap. As a result, the EU may have a bright future, an existence inionocovalency.


[1] Zhang, Y. Ionocovalency, J. Am. huilin. Ins. 2011, 5, 1-11 


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