"Official Infested" is a Marxist Covalent Environment

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


"Official Infested" is a Marxist Covalent Environment

Average means of production  Regime of social relations  Privatization of right-shares. [1,2]


The former senior party officials publicly criticized the "official infested" the status quo, and proposed legislation to manage the consolidation.

* Liu Xirong rage against the official multi-China less and four, regardless of *

National People's Congress, the former deputy secretary of the Central Discipline Inspection Chinese officials Liu Xirong criticism on the 10th, the delegation meeting of the National People's Congress of Zhejiang serious overstaffing.Liu Xirong said China's current "arbitrary institution institutions chaos given level, in order to grow Maiguanyujue wind. He pointed out that the number of civil servants in China increased from 600 million four years ago to 10 million people, the people re-diligence, could not afford so many official! "


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