Ionocovalency: Wang Lijun incident

American Huilin Institute


Everything exists in ionocovalency

– the ionic energy I harmonized with the covalent environment C.


Central: IC (holding stability) = I (Reform) / C (Wukan election)

Chongqing: IC (Mao-style regime) = I (Seize power) / C (Sing Red Crack Black)


Chongqing "personal dictatorial authority" model, especially in the current international Cold War situation, directly endanger the stability of the country. For their “Sing the Red Song” to Beijing, the central government responded reluctantly, due to Mao's position in the party has not yet formed a resolution, but also non 18 Da agenda, but the Central Government may review its process of crack down on crime. Wang Lijun incident exposed the “individual dictatorial authority” drawbacks of the system, which will strengthen the determination of the central reform pace. We do not reform can only be a dead end!



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