One World - Capitalism Socialized and Socialism Capitalized*

Yonghe Zhang
American Huilin Institute


Ionocovalency and POHS can be extended to the social system. The ionic function of ionicity (people oriented) indicates capitalism I, the covalent function of covalency (harmonious Society) represents the socialization C and POHS is an optimized state IC -- one world:


IC= I(Iz )C(n*,rc-1)     


 What is capitalism? Capitalist advocates the development of human ionic momentum, its shortcomings will lead to non-intervention.

What is socialism? Socialism advocates the development of "covalent social relations", its evil is the lack of social dynamics.

Just as the interdependence in economy between the ionic liberalization and the covalent nationalization, there is same interdependence in social system between the ionic capitalism I(Iz ) and the covalent socialism C(n*,rc-1). The ionic capitalism should be localized by the social covalency C(n*,rc-1) of the socialism. And the covalent socialism C(n*,rc-1) should be activated by the ionic momentum I(Iz ) of the capitalism. Both of the social system are needed the optimization each other. This means that humanity will eventually enter the universal brotherhood one world:

       Capitalism I(Iz ) socialized C(n*,rc-1) = socialism C(n*,rc-1) capitalized I(Iz )     


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