Where There is Existence, There is Potential*

Yonghe Zhang
          American Huilin Institute


The psychology of learning is a mechanism of ionocovalency. Learning is a process that depends on a harmony of an ionic momentum with a covalent environment and leads to long-term changes of conditioning and reinforcement in behavior potential. The environment covalency provides human behavior with the best information from which to learn.

After a few seconds of meditating and a short distance sprint, a high jumper suddenly skips an ideal height, creating a record. Obviously, he completed a ionocovalency process: his ionicity I(Iz ) of full use of a maximum power of muscles is harmonized by his covalency C(n*,rc-1)of meditating of physical-emotional-mental self-control and a certain distance of fast run, resulting in the optimized ionocovalency of that the potential energy transferred from the kinetic energy in a sudden stop of skipping.

If he wants to further refresh his records, according to IC model,


IC = I(Iz )C(n*,rc-1)


he would have a possibility to raise his record level n* by strengthening a ionic momentum I(Iz ), and adjusting a relative covalent mediation C(n*,rc-1) to fit his new ideal ionocovalency IC.

In our daily lifewe might always have such strange experiences. When you start to learn the swim, you always sink, but the next day you would be floating in the water strangely. You might have a mathematical equation couldn’t be resolved before went to sleep, the next morning you would be strange that you might have got the answer in a dream.


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