Ionocovalency and the Origin of Life*

Yonghe Zhang
American Huilin Institute


In the mother's river of love, you braved the swimming in the torrent to defeat millions of competitors and occupied the Palace for life.

In the mother's womb, you waved stomp, rapid grown. You brought the championship halo to the world but you naked, nothing, and you issued a human’s first tone you crying, pleading your parents and the environment to take care.

You follow the ionocovalency law of nature: all things exist in ionocovalency (IC), a harmony of an ionic momentum I(Iz ) with a covalent environment C(n*,rc-1):

IC = I(Iz )C(n*,rc-1)

       Spermatozoa ion momentum I (Z *, Iz) defeated millions of rivals and won the uterus of the covalent environment C(n*,rc-1). The baby’s ionic momentum I(Iz ) rushing into the earth (another n* orbital) appealed for the covalent care of social environment C(n*,rc-1by a human’s first tone of crying.


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