Creation of the Life Universe*

Yonghe Zhang
American Huilin Institute


In June, 1995, scientists were able to detect primordial helium, such as deuterium, in the far reaches of the universe. These findings are consistent with an important aspect of the Big Bang theory that a mixture of hydrogen and helium was created at the beginning of the universe [12]. 

Regardless of the occurrence of the big bang, the life universe is created on ionocovalency. Because of the ionocovalency duality, the two hydrogen (helium) atoms generated hydrogen (helium) gas by a minimum potential energy Ze2/r, that is formed in harmony of the ionic force Ze2 between the each nucleus and a pair of electron shared, with the localization of the each covalent radius r. Hydrogen and helium gases formed stars, and then have a planet with life elements, such as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and have the universe with life.


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