Why occurs 3d and 4f Electron Inefficient Screening?

Why occurs 3d and 4f Electron Inefficient Screening? [1]

Yonghe Zhang
American Huilin Institute


As Chart 1 and Table 1 show, the IC and XIC run the same uneven trend that is expected to decrease down a group with the features in terms of As3+(IC = 3.364, XIC = 1.773) and Bi3+(IC = 3.162, XIC = 1.690) both having higher than expected values, comparing those of P3+(IC = 3.286, XIC = 1.741) and Sb3+(IC = 3.036, XIC = 1.638). This apparent anomaly derives from the filling of the 3d row prior to gallium and the 4f row prior to thallium, both of which lead to higher effective nuclear charges (Table 1) than the previous periods as a result of inefficient screening of the nuclear charge by the 3d and 4f electrons, respectively


[1] Zhang, Y. Ionocovalency and Applications 1. Ionocovalency Model and Orbital Hybrid Scales. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2010, 11, 4381-4406


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