Philosophy Contributions

Philosophy Contributions

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute



On Universe 



l        Universe nature mechanism and ionocovalency

l        Things exist in Ionocovalent Duality

l      All things exist in ionocovalent potential .

l      Ionocovalency Correlates with de Broglie Relationship

l      Creation of the Life Universe*

l      Ionocovalency and the Origin of Life*

l      Where There is Existence, There is Potential*

l      Species originated from ionocovalent, community based on POHS

l    Universal Applications of Ionocovalency


On Society and Marxism


l        "People-oriented Harmonious Society" and Ionocovalency*

l        Ionic Liberalization and Covalent Nationalization*

l        Two–party System and Ionocovalency Duality *

l        One World - Capitalism Socialized and Socialism Capitalized

l        Marxism and Ionocovalency*

l        All classes can only be harmonious, not struggle.

l       "Regime out of a gun" is out of date. "People-oriented harmonious society"   is coming

l        Marx created the “regime value” the root cause of the corruption!

l        Why Marxism did not practice on rats, but on humans?

l        Marx’s refutation of communist wives in common get just the opposite

l        If there is “surplus value”, the stock rose every day!

l        China's "Das Kapital": ""

l        Strange Political Reverse Reaction



On Culture and Maoism 


l        The last course of Don Quixote

l        Who is the world's most totalitarian? 

l      Did Mao Zedong kill the founding fathers ?

l        While Shanghai in green Buttonwood leaves,

NY million trees flourishing

l        No universal truth, No China prosperity

l        Long life the "Cultural Renaissance"!

l        Only Universal Values, China can be Stable

l        Nobel Prize Killer —— Red-hat Scholar-tyrant

l        Draw lessons from history and correct the cult of personality

l        "Regime out of a gun" is out of date. "POHS" is coming!

l        Not "snail dwelling ", but "cricket fighting"!

l        Nobel Peace Prize Obama effects: Dictatorship cult is doomed to fail!

l        The inevitable outcome of China and Google

l        A Totalitarian Bureaucracy is Born in the United States


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