The inevitable outcome of China and Google: The best of both worlds

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


1939 Germany in three years, had occupied most of Europe, North Africa, East Asia and the Pacific Islands. But five years later, when the Red Army approaching Berlin, Hitler and his girlfriend Eva · Bo Braun committed suicide after their marriage. If Hitler could speak, he would say that Germany failed mainly because he did not have a powerful Google search engine and could not grasp and consolidate and develop the broad front.

If you want to ask what is the main cause of the rapid rise of Japan's postwar economy. Japanese interpretation is also because no powerful Google search engine, and can only stop at nothing to get from us a wealth of information on scientific and technical information.

However, China's economic rise does not rely on the powerful Google search engine, but by the introduction of off-the-shelf technology of capitalism. Has been basically completed at present the large scale of the introduction of capitalism, the economy enters a normal improvement and development. This will require powerful Google search engine. If we let Google out of China, the consequences are disastrous. There are only two or three backward countries include the North Korean don’t allow Google to enter their markets.

The effectiveness of Google in particular its rich part of the integrity of science and technology is unmatched by any Web search engine. Some nationalists to flatter Baidu and attack Google to indicate they are Patriots, doubtful! At least they are not a real scholarThey might want to close the door, get rid of the capitalist reforms, back to "catch Revolution, promoting production!" old cage!

With China's reform and opening up, Google has also been introduced, but has been filter-censored, which not only weakened the effectiveness of Google search engine, also hurt Google's universal values, and therefore is condemned in the West. Some say Google out of China because of the pressure from the US government, No, the US government has no right to interfere in the ideological, Google can ignore the US government, but Google can not ignore the strong public opinion - the pressure of civil rights. It was also said that civil rights is political. I said, not exactly on! Because Americans don't have politics beef. The author believes, Google only expectation is that the Chinese Government's political truth space for development. Therefore, China and Google both sides worked out a promising solution scenario, it is built on both sides to fully understand the universal value and on the basis of their own interests. This is the Chinese use the full power of Google search without review filtering engine:

Google does not exit China. But get a universal value and economic interests of bright future. China did not lose Google, to protect China's sustained economic development, but also creates a promotion of "one country two systems" model of the scientific development concept.


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