No universal truth, No China prosperity!

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute


Hu Yaobang, the former CPC leader, derived the famous universal philosophical thought, The practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, from ideology, no blind faith, only focus on facts. The practice is based on the people's energy and enrionmental harmoriy - ionocovalency, the universal law. This is the theoretical basis of China's reform and opening to the outside world.

The former Communist Party leader Hu Yaobang, come to the famous general philosophy, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, ideology, superstition, and focus only on the facts.The practice is based on energy and environmental harmony - ionocovalency universal truth. This is the theoretical basis of China's reform and opening to the outside world.

If there is no such a theoretical foundation, who would dare to launch this change and the reform of China's history? If nobody dared to be put into frying pan, is there a smooth progress in changing of the of China's destiny?

In October 1976, the “gang of four" was crushed, China faces urgent "two Whatevers" and mountains of unjust, two major challenges. The "two whatevers" refers to "whatever decisions Chairman Mao made, and we are determined to maintain; whatever instructions Chairman Mao, we always follow." This is the smashing of the "Gang of Four", the Hua Guofeng errors made and the implementation of policy. In this field to completely change the decades deep-rooted "left" in the line of fight, spearheaded the Hu Yaobang.

In 1976, after crushing the “gang of four" the sixth day, Hu Yaobang put forward the three recommendations to Marshal Ye Jianying for recovering the nation: First, stop Deng, people Dashun; 2, injustice a reason, people rejoicing; 3, production severely arrested , popular music bloom. And he conveyed 'ZTE Albert, of people as the last' to Hua Guofeng, the former CPC leader who was assigned by Ma zedong

Since December 1977, Hu Yaobang was the Minister of the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee CPC, he said: "If I am not going to be fried in oil, who will?" and fearlessly rehabilitated many unjust, saved hundreds of millions of innocent suffering.

Rehabilitation work was heavy resistance, especially the "two whatevers" ideological restraints, to vindicate the work of struggling. Based on the idea, No blind faith, only focus on facts, Hu Yaobang put forward the famous "two no matter", directed at the "two whatevers" and made a tit for tat with the struggle.

May 10, 1978, Hu Yaobang, through “the theory of dynamic”publication he advocated, put forward “Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth", this epoch-making theory.



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