Zhang’s Polarizing Power correlates with Mössbauer parameters

Y. Zhang Iono-covalent theory applications (23)

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute http://www.amhuilin.com/


     Reguera et al. [1] have measured the Mössbauer spectra of 29 nitroprussides and correlatered the parameters d and Δ with the Zhang's polarizing power Z/rk2 [2]. And found that in isoelectronic sequences of cation in the periodic chart, such as Li+ ,Be2+; Mn2+,Fe3+, both d and Δ decrease with increase in Z/rk2 (Zhang 1982b).


[1] Reguera, E., Bertran, J. F., Miranda, J.,Portilla, C., J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem., letters165 (3)1992191-201.

[2] Y. Zhang, Inorg. Chem., 21(1982) 3889

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