China's "Das Kapital": "贫"

Yonghe Zhang

 American Huilin Institute

Five thousand years ago, the wisdom of the Chinese nation written in the "Das Kapital" by only one word of which the top indicates “distribute” and bottom   said “property”, and the whole word “distribute of property” means “poor”, that is, the "distribute wealth leads to poverty." It vividly predicted the driving force of social development, denied the "Das Kapital" surplus core value, and the ideal communist society of enjoying equalization of wealth.

Ionocovalency duality confirmed: economic efficiency IC=I(Z*)C(rc-1)  (rc-1). Wealth equalization results in the recession of the ionic "people-oriented", then economic collapse.

Five thousand years later, however, why did run counter to the ancestor’s warning  to import foreign "Das Kapital" to let China poor?


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