Brown Lewis Acid Strengths is Derived from Zhang Electronegativity

Yonghe Zhang ionocovalent theory applications (11)


Yonghe Zhang

 American Huilin Institute,


Brown derived an alternative Lewis acid strength Sa [1] from Zhang electronegativity Xz.[2]:  “The average Lewis-acid strengths given in Table 2 can be seen to increase with the electronegativity. The correlation between the two quantities is shown in Fig.4 using the Zhang (1982) electronegativities that are specific to oxidation state. The line corresponds to the equation  

Xz = 1.118Sa + 0.771”

which can be rewritten as 

Sa = 1.18 Xz -0.653

where Xz is Zhang electronegativity, which gave Sa a solid definition and physical significance.


[1]  I.D. Brown, Acta Cryst. B, 44, 545-553, 1988

[2] Y. Zhang, (1982). Inorg. Chem., 21, 3886.

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