A bureaucracy is hurting American democracy and economy

Yonghe Zhang 

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Congress.org. Published on Feb 14, 2011

A bureaucracy is hurting American democracy and economy


A fashionable word, SOP, is popping in some government agencies. SOP is “the Agency-wide program of quality assurance and Standard Operating Procedures” suggested and issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in April, 2007. It might be interesting for some government agencies because its benefits of a valid SOP are reduced work effort, along with improved comparability, credibility, and legal defensibility. But its disadvantages have some strong temptations to give those bureaucratic organizations and individuals a chance to strength their power and greed to become a totalitarian bureaucrat to achieve some purposes such as to shirk responsibility, resist complain from employees or make a personal discrimination. Nevertheless, the cost is huge for not only increasing more management system wasting a lot of assets and resourcesbut also for challenging a democracy where all employees brought into full play of a initiative enthusiasm and activity of ethics and talents of human nature instead of laying on the stress of SOP provisions, being treated as a part of machines or tools.

Here is a example.

The former New York City DEP deputy commissioner has been accused by some minorities of DWQ Operation Lab, when he was in his post. Before his resign he assigned his trust to the DWQO Manager in 2003. Under the cover of SOPthe Manager is performing the approach as follows:

First increased workload of the SOP provisionsA person, who has a poor and strange idea and was once involved in a discrimination case, was assigned Lab Director to write the lab SOPsto increase the wrong and unnecessary lab SOP provisions which violate the USEPA methods, resulting in the water quality of NYC not assured since 2007.

Then there would be the reason to set up an additional QA agency which has same function as that of the New York State QA agency and thus violates the normal administrative mechanism, This year, when State QA agency found the important QA issues, Labs QA agency has identified only unimportant things, causing endless workloads and more problems, and  wasting several millions dollars.

And so Manager would remove her own responsibility to the additional QA agency and made her into a totalitarian, strengthening the power for personal discrimination against the minority employees

The most of the white-people in this lab were promoted for office positions in short term even in 1 or 2 years. A lot of minority employees are not raised for a long term, for example, a minority chemist who has developed important methods for the lab but 17 years without a raise. Moreover, he has been subjected a long-term retaliation that caused him to suffered several diseases as he criticized that the lab SOP is wrong and can not assured water quality.

The increase workload of the SOP provisions and the additional QA agency weakened and hurt the enthusiasm sense of responsibility and initiative of supervisors and the chemists, and causes some staff couldn’t endure and physically and emotionally damaged. When staff complained, Director roared: “If somebody couldn’t endure here, the door is opening!” The Director always rebukes his subordinates (even some female) with language of sexual nature, “fuck”. When complain to Manager, the answer was “it was not a big deal and I also said ‘fuck’!”

Where is here? Here is a Government of the United States! We must not turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to what is wrong with the Government!

We can not tolerate in order to bear a totalitarian bureaucrat  to evade responsibility to the care of a duplicate organization, he/she can not guarantee the water quality of New York City and hurt American democracy, tax-payers pay more millions dollars!

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