Did Mao Zedong kill the founding fathers ?

Ionocovalency answer:

Who killed the Republic's founding fathers?

Yonghe Zhang

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Deeply worried about the regime and desperate to transfer his throne to his intimate, the great leader Mao Ze-dong launched the unprecedented Cultural Revolution, setting his wife, Jiang Qing as the standard-bearer of the "Gang of Four" of the Central Leading Group of the Cultural Revolution, which replaced the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau. His original party was destroyed, the state machine was smashed and humanity was deadly hurt.

No shot of bullet, no drop of blood, one after another the death messages of the founders of the Republic and the marshals and generals of a mighty army informed to the great leader. And the great leader went to the funeral hall, attended the memorial service to the death of Marshal Chen Yi. He hold madam Chen Yi, Zhang Qian's hand and comforted her: "Chen Yi died, we share your sadness."


After searching the information by sorting the death chronology of all dead, the author was suddenly enlightened by Ionocovalency [1] on who killed the Republic's founding fathers.

According to Ionocovalency, everything exists in Ionocovalency IC, the ionic energy Z* harmonized with the covalent environment r. It derived from the microscopic deduction of experiments and mathematics and correlated to the macroscopic induction of the universal observations [1-3]:

 IC I ( Z*)C(r-1).

Therefore,  The biochemical reactions of the immune system in our body is always in a automatic and self-controlling mechanism that prepares the body to be in an harmonious ionocovalency (IC) state to our survival, i.e. the body needs ionic energy Z* to be controlled by covalency r-1  in normal but not excessive.

Stress is an environment factor ( r) to cause our body in excessive sufferance. When we experience some stress ( r) a bodily  ionocovalent harmony (IC) is changed and the body's immune system occurred the well known "fight or flight" response [4] in which our body release two hormones (r) to “fight” the stress, one is cortisol and the other adrenaline. These patterns of nerve cell firing and chemical releases cause our immune system to mobilize with increased activation to restore our ionocovalency (IC). However, excessive hormones (r) would put us at increased risk of numerous health problems, and if that happens, the body's immune system according to ionocovalency (IC), to decreases excessive hormone levels (r) to “flight” and enables our body to return to normal (IC) once a perceived threat has passed


 Unexpectedly, the republic founding fathers were massacred by the soundless, invisible ghosts of stealth organization "stress". The life-death table indicates the correlation between average life expectancy ALE (IC) and stress (r), and the accurate data classified Republic rulers into four Groups:


A. Stress-serious victims, ALE 70

Liu Shaoqi (1898-1969) President

He Long (1896-1969) Marshal

Tao Zhu (1908-1969) Vice Premier

Lin Biao (1907-1972) Vice Commander

Chen Yi (1901-1972) Minister for Foreign Affairs

Peng Dehuai (1898-1974) Minister for Defense

Hu Yaobang (1915-1989) General Secretary


B. Stress-mild suffers, ALE 90.9

Dong Biwu (1886-1975) Vice Chairman

Zhu De (1886-1976) Chairman

Liu Bocheng (1892-1986) Marshal

Ye Jianying (1897-1986) Marsha

Xu Xiangqian (1901-1990) Marshal

Nie Rongzhen (1889-1992) Marshal

Li Xiannian (1909-1992) Vice Premier

Chen Yun (1905-1995) Vice Premier

Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997) Prime Minister

Bo Yibo (1908-2007) Deputy Prime Minister 


C. Stress-setter , ALE 80.8

Kang Sheng (1898-1975) Consultant

Zhou Enlai (1898-1976) Premier

Mao Tse-Tung (1893-1976) Great leader

Chen Boda (1904-1998) Head of the cultural revolution


D. Stress-setter and Stress-suffers, ALE  74

 Jiang Qing (1914-1991) Bearers of the cultural revolution

Wang Hongwen (1935-1992) Cultural revolution group

Zhang Chunqiao (1917-2005) Cultural revolution group

Yao Wenyuan (1931-2005) Cultural revolution group

Group A. Stress-serious victims: Abused as traitor, spy and capitalist-roader. The average life expectancy (IC) of 70. Compare with Group C Stress-setter (the average life expectancy 90.7), lost 20-30 years old. They were in excessive stress sufferance ( r )and none hormones Covalency (r-1 ).

Group B. Stress-mild suffers: average life expectancy (IC) of 90.7. They were in less Stress ( r ) sufferance  better hormones Covalency (r-1 ). If no stress-virulence persecution from Group C, the average life expectancy can reach to 100 year old. Dong Biwu and Zhu De lived aloof from the world, and Chen Yun and Bo Yibo engaged in economic work and they were impacted the lighter stress, and the life expectancy longer.


Group C. Stress-setter: average life expectancy of 83.2, compared with Group A, Stress-serious victims, lived more 13 year, but shorter than Group B (the average life expectancy (IC) 90.7)of  7.5 years. They were inexcessive Stress-planning ( r ) and not effective hormones covalency (r-1 ).

Group D. Stress-setter and -suffer: average life expectancy (IC) of 74, data quantitatively reflect that they got what they did. Harm set, harm get. They were in excessive Stress setter and Stress sufferance Ionicity ( r ) and confusion hormones covalency (r-1 ).

The most unforgettable in the above-mentioned dead is Hu Yaobang who once chaired the Chinese history large-scale vindication of an injustice, finally, has been dismissed from office and died second year from suffering an injustice, The stress is so cruel and fierce!


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