Draw lessons from history and correct the cult of personality

Yonghe Zhang

American Huilin Institute  http://www.amhuilin.com


Hu Jintao, May 8, 2008 speech at Waseda University pointed out that "history is the most philosophic textbook. We emphasize that remembering history, not to perpetuate hatred, but to draw lessons from history and facing the future."  

The idea is the criteria to correctly handle the country, political parties, the criteria of historical figures, its essence is the harmonious society. It will have a profound impact on China's social.

China's economic prosperity and a strong national defense on one side are facing serious social unrest and cultural confusion on the other side. Rooted in half a century-long pollution culture did not resume its true face. Is the country with specious tragic history of the cost of a basic consensus is not reached. Confusion lies in that the basic theory of ideology and cult figure does not give the correct identification. In a word: for this historical burden without "learning from history" cannot be "facing the future".

In a word: for this historical burden without "learning from history"cannot be "facing the future". On the contrary, this situation gave those  conservative forces of vested interests the opportunities to attack the further political reform. The new Chinese leaders are carrying a heavy burden of history that can not be easier to move forward, to open new reform situation.


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