Nobel Prize Murderer —— Red-hat Scholar-tyrant

Yonghe Zhang  

American Huilin Institute, 


Yonghe Zhang


According to ionocovalency theory that everything exists in ionocovalency, the ionic energy harmonized with the covalent environment. Marxist ionovovalency (IC):

Marxist IC = Plunder and Average / Politics Power Relationship

In the economic society, Marx created the political power equal to the value of the stock share. Marx also opposed to the individual ionic kinetic energy, to advocate a political power equal to the value of science achievement. Those in authority become Red hat scholar tyrants. Red hat scholar tyrants despite their ignorance and incompetence, loyal to their superiors to keep his red hat, they can assign, control, plunder or stifle the advanced achievements of others in order to maintain their own authority, forming the cocoon IC potentail. That is why in a major economic and scientific society, China has not won a Nobel Prize..

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